Image of needlepoint


Although needlepoint is an ancient art form, it lends itself well to the latest in computer design techniques. Indeed, you can think of a needlepoint as a very low-resolution image that takes a year to render. But, once rendered, the resulting image is very durable. A collection of my needlepoint pieces can be seen in the Gallery. I did my first needlepoint project in 1982.

Image of penrose


These images are the result of many different copmuter programming efforts over the years. Some of these images served as the starting point for needlepoint designs. I made some of these images for use as desktop "wallpaper".


Video channel


These videos are based on my fractal imaging projects. Several spots in the Mandelbrot set are self similar over many orders of magnitude. These spots make is easy to create engaging video "journeys".


NP now logo


I published an article on my designs in the March/April 2003 volume of "Needlepoint Now" magazine. I have also written other essays describing the design process for several of my designs.